Англоязычное научное издательство Continuum издало работу под редакцией декана факультета политических наук и социологии ЕУСПБ - Артемия Магуна

В Издательстве Continuum вышла книга под редакцией профессора политической теории демократии Европейского Университета в Санкт-Петербурге - Артемия МагунаPolitics of the One. Concepts of the One and the Many in Contemporary Thought. Среди авторов издания: Артемий Магун, Жан-Люк Нанси, Нина ПауэрКети Чухров, Олег Хархордин и др.



Introduction to the One

The Concept of One: From Philosophy to Politics -Artemy Magun

Part I. Metaphysics of the One and the Multiple
1. More than One - Jean Luc Nancy
2. Condivision, or Towards a Non- communitarian Concatenation of Singularities -Gerald Raunig
3. Unity and Solitude - Artemy Magun
4. The Fragility of the One - Maria Calvacante
5. The One: Construction or Event? For a Politics of Becoming - Boyan Mancher

Part II. 20th-Century Thinkers of Unity and Multiplicity
6. Truth and Infinity in Badiou and Heidegger - Alexey Chernyakov
7. Complicated Presence: The Unity of Being in Parmenides and Heidegger -Jussi Bachman
8. The Universal, the General, the Multiple in the Perspective of a Political Utopia: Deleuze and Badiou on the Event - Keti Chukhrov
9. Humanity, Unity and the One - Nina Power

Part III. Unity and Multiplicity in Nature
10. Elemental Nature as the Ultimate Common Ground of the World Community - Susanna Lindberg
11. Vegetative Democracy, or the Post-metaphysics of Plants - Michael Marder

Part IV. Unity in Action: Forms of Political Consolidation in the Case of Contemporary Russia
12. Collectivity in Post-revolutionary Russia - Igor Tchubarov
13. Street University: Production of Collective Time and Public Space - Pavel Arsenyev
14. Fighting Together: the Problem of Solidarity - Carine Clément

Part V. E Pluribus Unum: Res Publica and Community
15. How Does One Constitute the One? Theology of the Icon, Theory of Non-representative Art and of Non-representative Politics - Oleg Kharkhodin